Parenting: neither strict nor lenient

The relation between a parent and a child is a very important relationship in this world. All of us in this world will or have already experienced both the stage of life. The factor which makes this relation stronger or weaker is parenting. As we all know that parenting is the way to nurture the child. But this should neither be permissive nor be demanding. Both of these situations can result in an undesirable future. The philosophy of parenting suggests that the parent should raise their children with love, care, affection, discipline and strictness. The balance between all these feelings should be very correct because the wrong balance can result in the blast of emotion.

There are many ways to keep that balance but the most important way is to give physical and mental support to your children. Parenting level should be different and should be based on the age of the child.

  • Baby: when the child is just a baby then parenting includes proper diet, proper education and exercises.
  • Teenage: this stage increases the rebellious nature of the child. So at this stage they should be taken care in a very careful manner because the increase in the argument can make this special relation bitter.
  • After teenage: after the phase of teenage, the child should be given proper freedom because they are mature enough to take their decision but still the parents should always be in contact with every activity they do.

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